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What is Pure CBD Oil?

What is pure cbd oil exactly? Below we have a detailed explanation about pure cbd oil and a summary of the characteristics of this type of CBD oil. Every CBD Oil has its advantages and disadvantages. The differences often arise from the specific way of hemp cultivation and the extraction method.

Pure/Organic CBD oil

The CBD in organic CBD oil is extracted by means of oil extraction. With this extraction method, only the buds of the hemp plant are used. Most of the CBD is in these buds. With the RAW version of CBD Oil the entire plant is used. This is also the main reason for the higher price of pure/organic CBD oil.

This is followed by the extraction of the CBD from the plant. This is done on the basis of heating.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is a costly process, and because only the buds of the hemp plant are used, the organic oil is more expensive than the RAW CBD oil.

The taste, on the other hand, is perceived as more pleasant than the taste of the RAW oil. Where the CBD RAW oil tastes bitter and sharp, the organic oil has a soft nut-like taste. Pure/organic CBD oil is a completely pure product. This means that the pure CBD oil is not mixed with other ingredients. Another additional advantage is that there is no detectable THC. The disadvantage is that only CBD is present in the oil. The pure organic CBD Oil is, as the word says, pure CBD.

Why does Pure CBD Oil only contain CBD?

The CBD extract that is used in the production of pure CBD oil is extracted on the basis of heating. Because of this heating all components, except CBD, are lost. The percentage of CBD on a bottle of pure/organic CBD oil therefore only concerns the substance CBD (cannabidiol) and contains no other cannabinoids.

In the Pure/organic CBD oil extraction the hemp is dipped in hemp seed oil (sometimes olive oil is used). The heating ensures that CBDa (the acid / acid form of CBD) is converted into CBD and absorbed in the hemp seed oil. After sieving you have a rich CBD oil extract with the soft taste of hemp seed oil. With this process it is more difficult to get the CBD oil at a certain percentage. The CBD Oil extraction is a bit more difficult and a more lengthy process, which means the price is a bit higher. Due to the heating, the other nutrients and cannabinoids are not or poorly preserved. Therefore the percentage Pure/biological CBD consists entirely of CBD. In this CBD oil is there is no CBDa in contrast to the CBD oil Raw.

Pure/organic CBD oil is less suitable for people with sleeping problems, because this oil lacks the ingredients that are important for a good night's sleep. For a good night's sleep it's better to choose the Raw version or CBG Oil.

Pure CBD Oil Bio properties

  • The CBD oil is extracted by heating.
  • The indicated percentage of CBD is pure CBD.
  • Only the flowers / buds are used for this oil.
  • The taste of the organic CBD oil is nutty.
  • Suitable for anyone looking for a pure oil.
  • The CBD Oil has no full spectrum / no cannabinoid spectrum
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Free shipping within Europe!
Shipped within 24 hours!
Payments are easy and safe!
Only the best quality products!