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Weed oil & CBD oil?

CBD Oil and weed oil or cannabis oil are often confused, but despite the fact that both are cannabis concentrates, there is a huge difference between the two oils.

Cannabis oil is made from cannabis plants or from ready-made cannabis tops that you can buy in a coffee shop. Cannabis plants are known as a psychoactive cannabis strain with high THC levels, so these plants are usually consumed for recreational purposes.

The difference between CBD Oil and Cannabis Oil: THC

The psychoactive effect may be a special feature of this plant, but that does not make this completely natural product suitable for everyone to receive with open arms. The problem, unlike the requirements and wishes of recreational users, lies in the high concentration of the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

As is known, THC is the cause of a stoned or high feeling that the user experiences after ingestion. The recreational user wants to have the highest possible THC content in the weed or cannabis oil, people who use it because of the properties of the other cannabinoids often do not want this. The government also banned the cultivation and use of weed, although a certain quantity is tolerated in the Netherlands.

CBD Oil: The solution for many

When it was announced in many foreign studies that another ingredient in cannabis, called cannabidiol, contributes to a healthy body, the popularity of cannabis oil has also increased enormously among the other users. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a constituent that does not cause a stoned or high effect and is even capable of inhibiting the psychoactive effect of THC according to other foreign studies.

But because CBD and the other cannabinoids had never been considered an important ingredient and the high demand of recreational users for powerful psychoactive cannabis strains was the first priority, weed growers have always paid a lot of attention to developing species with the highest possible THC concentrations. This has led to the CBD content in cannabis becoming lower over the years. Most weed species therefore hardly contain CBD. However, this is not the case with hemp plants.

CBD Oil is obtained from legal hemp

Since hemp plants thus have reasonably high levels of CBD, hemp is also used today as a beneficial plant. The legal status and the non-psychoactive quality make it a very popular and popular product for all people, both young and old, but also for our beloved animals. The oil obtained from this legal hemp is known as CBD Oil.

CBD oil is therefore mainly extracted from legally grown, certified hemp where the percentages of THC in the CBD oil do not exceed the legal limit of 0.05%. Besides that CBD oil does not produce a stoned or high feeling, it offers healthy benefits and is freely available. Cannabis oil, also known as THC oil, is extracted from cannabis strains with a higher THC percentage, the so-called cannabis plants, whereby the occurrence of a psychoactive effect can not be ruled out.

Difference in dosage method

The presence or absence of THC thus ensures that the oil causes a psychoactive effect or not. This also creates a large difference in dosage method between the two oils. Since weed oil contains high concentrations of THC, a very accurate dosage is required. Too high a dose can quickly produce a high feeling and some people even experience a very unpleasant feeling.

Especially in older people, small children or animals it is very important that a psychoactive effect should be avoided as much as possible. Consider, for example, the possible danger of falling due to dizziness in the elderly or the possible traumatic experience in animals who do not realize what is happening suddenly.

Cannabis oil should therefore be dosed with great care and with great care, while CBD oil, due to the lack of this psychoactivity, is much easier to dose. The dosage can also be increased without problems, while cannabis oil often requires a more gradual construction, so that the upper limit of too high can be easily determined.


    CBD Oil

    Cannabis / Weed oil

  • High levels of CBD
  • Mainly from hemp plants
  • Also called hemp oil
  • No psychoactive effect
  • Suitable for children
  • Suitable for animals
  • Not sleeping
  • Can be dosed without problems
  • High levels of THC
  • From weed plants
  • Also called THC oil
  • Psychoactive effect
  • Supervision in children advised
  • Supervision in animals advised
  • Sleeping up (depending on type)
  • Accurate dosage required

Is there a difference in preparation method between CBD oil and cannabis oil?

There are various ways to prepare cannabis oil. All these ways are suitable for producing both CBD oil and cannabis oil, although certain ways may be preferred for various reasons. This preference may, for example, relate to purity, potency, content substances, taste or costs. The three most common ways to make CBD oil are by means of CO2 extraction, by means of an alcohol extraction or by means of maceration or infusion. However, the most pure and effective extraction is obtained with CO2.

Which oil is diluted?

Both CBD oil and cannabis oil can be used diluted or undiluted, depending on how powerful the extract should be or how fluid it should be to make it more dosable. An undiluted extract has a thick, syrupy paste structure, while the diluted version is liquid in shape. Because undiluted oil usually can not be dosed via a pipette bottle, it is usually supplied in syringes or jars. Undiluted CBD oil is also known as CBD paste.

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Free shipping within Europe!
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